Routes Overview

In the Atlas platform, Routes are the way to connect a Source to any number of Filters and Destinations. Each Source has exactly one associated Route, which defines how Events originating at the Source are fanned out.

Route Creation

Routes are created automatically when a Source is created, and are initially blank. You can access the Route associated with a Source from that Source’s configuration page or by going to Routes in the main menu of the Console.

Route Configuration

To add components to your Route, first open the configuration page, then click the Add+ button. The modal that opens will allow you to search for Filters and Destinations to add to the Route graph. Simply click the item you want to add, and it will be added to the Route graph canvas. Drag each block around to the desired location, and then use the connection bubbles to create connections from the Source to the Filters and Destinations. When you’re done editing the route, click Save.

Route Configuration
Route Configuration

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