Atlas Connex Documentation


Get an introduction to the core concepts of the Atlas platform.

Quick Start

Check out our collection of tutorials and short how-to style videos to get you started quickly.


Learn all about Sources, how to configure them, and how to authenticate payloads using keys and secrets.


Learn how to use Filters and our Filter utility classes designed to make integration with all types of systems easier.

Filter Designer

Get a deep-dive on the Filter Designer and how to create, edit, and test Filters from the web console.


Explore Destinations and their configuration options for reliable delivery to your endpoints.


See how to create custom Routes and fan out (or don't!) your incoming Events to Filters and Destinations.

Development Tools

Check out our Developent Tools for web-based and local development.


Delve into the extensive logging and debugging capabilities of the Atlas platform.

Common Route Design Patterns

Discussion and examples of some of the most common routing patterns.

Roadmap & Upcoming Features

Atlas Connex roadmap and future feature list.